The Benefits of Chocolate

We all love chocolate, well, some say they do not but we are pretty sure they are not telling the truth. Chocolate is a sensual food. We know that, but why? One of the fascinating scientific facts behind it is that it contains theobromine. A very potent substance. This substance works as a diuretic and a stimulant, which helps you release those happy hormones and feel euphoric when you eat chocolate.

Theobromine creates a chemical reaction in our brains which produces dopamine, the same chemical released when you feel happy. In fact, it can make you as happy as if you were falling in love. Now, let’s look at some fun facts about this brown delicious goodness:

-- Cocoa beans are actually seeds that come from the cocoa tree and are used to make chocolate products.

-- The word “chocolate” comes from an Aztec word chocolatl meaning “bitter water” because cocoa beans were originally ground into a paste mixed with water (and spices such as chilli)to drink as an invigorating beverage.

Dopamine makes us feel good and therefore leads us to crave more chocolate so that we can continue to feel good.

Chocolate also causes our brain to release endorphins that give us feelings of pleasure and happiness when consumed.

What more could you want from a food?

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